The Napoleonic Historical Society was created in 2006 by combining the membership of the Napoleonic Alliance and the Napoleonic Society of America. The goals and purpose of the Napoleonic Historical Society are simple. We exist to provide a focal point for people who share a fascination for a dynamic and energetic period of history. In the broadest sense we are a forum for discussion, a clearing-house for information, and an opportunity for enrichment.

Specifically we hope to be an agent for the preservation of heritage and history of both physical artifacts and cultural legacy. We hope to motivate by promotion and example through the public weal or private enterprise the restoration of that physical and cultural legacy. We aim, through sponsorship and guidance, to identify and translate documents and texts that can provide our membership and the public at large new insight into this important historical period.

Our Membership and Our Interests

While most of our members live in the United States and Canada, we have active members in all parts of the world. The membership also reflects a wide variety of interests: our number includes both admirers and critics of Napoleon and his Empire, avid readers, film buffs, and collectors of everything from military antiques to porcelain souvenirs.

Every aspect of the Napoleonic era is covered: the Imperial family, the Emperor’s generals, courtiers, and enemies, the Napoleonic Civil Code, costume and the decorative arts, and last but not least the military campaigns of the period.

Distinguished members include direct descendants of the Empire, most notably the present Princes Napoleon and Murat. Many of our members are acknowledged authorities in their fields: Napoleonic educators and scholars, including Donald Horward, Gerry Gallaher, John McErlean, and Robert Brier; distinguished authors such as Scott Bowden, and George Nafziger; and well-known artists and miniaturists like Keith Rocco, Ray Rubin, Sheperd Paine, Bill Ottinger, Joe Berton and Peter Twist.

Why You Should Join

Members receive bimonthly newsletters and special issues, access to the members section of this site  and invitations to our annual conference  and other events.  But what really makes the Napoleonic Historical Society such a special organization is the people. The Historical Society provides a comfortable forum where the average enthusiast can meet on an equal basis with the leading researchers and historians of this fascinating period. Our members provide a variety of perspectives and contribute to the rich tapestry that is Napoleonic history. Each of our members is important, whether they are well known historians or simply interested amateurs; this is why the Board of Directors conducts open meetings and solicits the attendance and opinions of the members, and why there is no head table at Historical Society functions.

The purpose of the Historical Society is to facilitate a free exchange of information to enrich everyone’s understanding of this important period in history.

Officers and Directors of the Society

Officers and Directors of the Society are volunteers who serve serve without compensation or benefits of any kind.

Current Officers

  • Edna Markham, President
  • Victor Eiser, Executive Vice-President
  • Margaret Rodenberg, Secretary
  • Chris Sloan, Treasurer
  • Todd Fisher, Executive Director
  • John Brewster, Newsletter Editor
  • Hank Zucker, Webmaster

Presidents Emeriti

  • John G. Gallaher
  • David Markham
  • Douglas Allan
  • Coburn Grabenhorst
  • Hank Zucker

Directors terms
expire in 2019

  • Mark Billings
  • Victor Eiser
  • Coburn Grabenhorst
  • Mike LaVean
  • Mario X. Perez
  • Chris Sloan
  • Jak Smith

Directors terms
expire in 2020

  • Susan Conner
  • Matt DelaMater
  • Todd Fisher
  • John G. Gallaher
  • Margaret Rodenberg
  • Hank Zucker

Directors terms
expire in 2021

  • Alfonso Alejo
  • Crain Bliwas
  • Jeff Loss
  • David Markham
  • Edna Markham
  • Patrick McDonough
  • Kevin Rodriguez