Some Notable NHS Members

Napoleonic Educators, Scholars and Authors

Don Horward, Jerry Gallaher, J. David Markham, Andrew Roberts, David Stefancic, Bob Brier

Historical Fiction Authors

Sandra Gulland, Shannon Selin, Margaret Rodenberg

Napoleonic Research Innovator

Edna Markham (terrain technology)

Well-known Artist

Keith Rocco

Book/Website Publishers

Shannon Selin, Matt Delamater, Margaret Rodenberg, Dana Lombardy


Mark Schneider, Victor Eiser, Mark Billings, Chris Sloan, Alfonso Alejo, Todd Fisher

Period Specialists

Karen Millyard (Dance, Jane Austin Society)

Organizational Leaders

Edna Markham (NHS President), Mark Billings (Souvenir Napoleon in Canada), J. David Markham (International Napoleonic Society President, NHS President Emeritus), Kevin Rodrigues (NHS, INS Facebook Pages), Hank Zucker (NHS Webmaster and President Emeritus).

Active Students

Glenda PĂ©rez (Cuba), Chris Winter, Jr. (USA)