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Dear Members of the Napoleonic Historical Society,

As president of the International Napoleonic Society, I am proud to present you with issues of Napoleonic Scholarship: The Journal of the International Napoleonic Society. The INS promotes the study of the Napoleonic Era in accordance with proper academic standards. To this end we honor the leading minds in this field by making them Fellows of the INS (FINS), giving Napoleonic literary awards and holding annual academic congresses throughout the world. Central to any academic organization is the publication of a peer-reviewed academic journal. Our journal gives distinguished historians, up and coming students and other scholars the opportunity to share their research with the world. With our new digital format, the journal can be made widely available. Additionally, future issues may feature greater use of technology such as embedded video, music, interactive maps and the like. We live in an exciting era when it comes to the use of technology and our journal will reflect all that this era promises.

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I hope you enjoy reading our journal, and I also encourage you to submit articles to be considered for publication.

With my best Napoleonic regards,

J. David Markham, M.A., M.Ed., FINS, Legion of Merit
Knight of the Order of the French Academic Palms
President, International Napoleonic Society
President Emeritus, Napoleonic Historical Society