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June 18, 2015 was the 200th anniversary of Waterloo. In order to commemorate the battle the Napoleonic Historical Society has partnered with several individuals and companies to offer a variety of unique items listed below. These follow the general NHS items.

Pen colors Pen close up NHS Fisher Space Pen
These remarkable pens
were developed for NASA back in the 1960s and
have been used by every space mission since then. They write at any angle,
at any temperature and
even underwater!
Plain ones retail for $50.
NHS Mousepad NHS Mousepad – $10.00 (US),
Tax and shipping included
NHS Waterloo Challenge CoinNHS Challenge Coin
featuring space to
engrave your own
$15 with US shipping
$20 with international shipping

Three Commanders
$20, plus shipping
Available through Booster
Napoleon T-shirt Waterloo

Price by size
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T-shirt-w Waterloo

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T-shirt-b Waterloo

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Set of coasters Set of 4 coasters Each 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch (8.89 cm x 8.89 cm)
$10 with US shipping
$12 with international shipping
Waterloo bookmark Waterloo Bookmark 2.5-inch by 7-inch (6.35 cm x 17.78 cm) A bookmark will be sent FREE as a bonus for every order of a Challenge Coin, set of Coasters, or t-shirt
$1 with US shipping
$2 with international shipping
napoleonMag3NAPOLEON MAGAZINE & NAPOLEON JOURNALPublished between 1996-2000, five of the seventeen issues of this publication included major articles or features about Waterloo with color maps, orders-of-battle, charts, diagrams, and uniform or other paintings Napoleon #1 – Marshal Grouchy: Scapegoat or villain Napoleon #7 – The fighting for Hougoumont Napoleon #12 – The British Royal Horse Artillery (RHA) Napoleon #14 – Did Wellington intentionally deceive his Prussian allies? Napoleon #16 – Cowards at Waterloo? Bijlandt’s Dutch-Belgian Brigade A low-res download of the Hougoumont article is available as a free sample. Some issues are still available in
print, others only in PDF. Contact
napoleon-journal.com for details