Our 2024 Annual Conference
will be held November 15-17 in Mexico City

The conference will be held in the truly grand The Gran Hotel Ciudad de México. The famous Tiffany-style stained glass ceiling was constructed by the famous French artisan, Jacques Gruber in his workshop in Paris. It was transported by ship and reassembled to form the roof of one of the most posh department stores in the capital in 1908. Now a beautiful hotel since 1968 converted for the Olympic games, it has featured in movies and television, most recently in the riveting opening scenes of the James Bond movie, Spectre.

The hotel is nestled in the most protected and safest part of the City, the Historical Center with views of the Main City Square (Zócalo) dominated by a beautiful gothic cathedral that took 250 years to complete, built over the top of the ruling Aztec (Mezica) royal palace. There is a large police presence and it is full of tourists. Stay within the City center. You should keep your wits about you, as you would in any major city center.

The Terraza rooftop restaurant in the hotel has excellent & elegantly plated food with views of the city center… Simply stunning.

Below is our link to make reservations. On the top right hand side of the screen, you can click the drop-down menu and change the prices displayed to US or Canadian dollars. You may have to use your browser’s translation feature to change the page to English. You then have to scroll forward in time to November 2024 and you can see all of the days that are eligible for our rate during, and in the time before and after our conference. Please book ASAP. You do not want to miss this hotel, and not at this price!

Click here to make reservations

You can click the globe in the upper right of the page to select to see the prices in USD or other currency. Unfortunately, as of now, the language preference doesn’t offer anything other than Spanish. Your browser may have a translation feature. In Chrome you can click on the three dots in the upper right and select Translate from the drop-down menu. If that doesn’t work, you can click on the word “Beneficios” on the upper left to connect to connect to the main reservation page, which has an American flag in the upper right to see the site in English, but that page might not include our special rate.

Tentative Program

Thursday No host informal dinner
Friday NHS Board of Directors meeting
Formal hosted dinner with speaker
Saturday Day of talks
Formal hosted dinner with speaker
Sunday Tours

Check back later for more details on our upcoming conference.